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What is Celario? 

Celario  is a food condiment made up of a blend of fresh vegetables, infused with aromatic and tantalising spices to satisfy anyone’s taste bud. It can be used to create a main course meal or as a dip for finger foods.

Why it was produced?  

Celario was produced as a time-saving sauce to help people who have no time to cook from scratch, enjoy a complete and tasty meal in minutes, without compromising on flavour. 

It has been dubbed, “The Saviour Sauce" by customers due to its unique quick and easy preparation-to-table characteristics in just a few minutes! 


What inspired it? 

The producer is a lover of cooking and eating good food, even if it is prepared in a rush!! However, the present busy way of life (for me and other people) means that finding the time to prepare and put together the ingredients needed to cook a delicious meal can be quite daunting. 

So, she thought, why not create a tasty ready made sauce? One that  simplifies cooking:  just open a jar, add to any main food item such as: rice, meat, fish, vegetables or any other choice and in a few minutes (literally) they'll have a complete lunch or dinner cooked and served!!! That, is the birth story of Celario!!!

Enjoy It!!!

Registered Address

Brenddaisy Foods Limited

104, Monkswood Avenue

London, Essex


Tel: 02079711117

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